Pulley Thorens  50 hz version


TD 125 MKII 
TD 160 165 166
TD 145 146 147

One of the easiest ways to improve the performance of your Thorens  TD 125 MKII 160, 165, 166, 145, 146, or 147 is to replace the worn, plastic drive pulley with our precision-machined, four-piece alloy pulley. True to the original Thorens design, our pulley includes the critical, spring-based clutch system. This clutch allows the pulley to slip momentarily at startup until the heavy platter reaches operating speed. This allows the motor to operate at full speed immediately, maximizing torque. More importantly, the clutch reduces startup stress on the motor and belt. Simpler, one-piece replacement pulleys eliminate the performance and safety benefits of the clutch system entirely. Our alloy design also utilizes a self-lubricating phosphorus bronze bushing in place of the original plastic.

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Thorens Pulley 50 Hz. Version TD125 145 146 147 160 165 166

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